To help keep our hospital safe please provide the following information before entering the site.

Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Incorporated (ACHA) collects names and telephone numbers from visitors to our hospitals, for contact tracing and screening purposes. If you, or someone else who has visited our hospitals, is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will disclose your contact details to the South Australian health authority, iif they request it for contact tracing purposes. We may also use your contact details to contact you and confirm your movements within the hospital at the relevant time, which will assist us in identifying possible risks to you and others within the hospital. We consider this to be reasonably necessary for the safety of our workplace, and to lessen or prevent the serious threat that COVID-19 presents to you, our patients and other visitors. ACHA is committed to the protection of your contact details in accordance with applicable privacy laws and will store your contact details securely. When your contact details are no longer required for contact tracing and screening, they will be destroyed or permanently de-identified. If you do not consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your contact details for this purpose, please do not provide this information to us. In those circumstances, please note that we retain the discretion to deny you access to our hospitals. For more information on personal information that we collect (including for other purposes), and how we handle personal information generally, the ACHA Privacy Policy can be accessed here: Privacy Policy.